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  The Story of Billy Joe  

The story of Billy Joe’s Ribworks can be traced to a small rural town in Texas just outside of Galveston. It was there that a goat named Billy Joe decided to hop off the boxcar. He stopped in Lubbock to find something to eat. As he traveled up the tracks towards town little did he know that his life was about to change.

Out in the middle of nowhere stood an old, haggard looking man, standing over a 55-gallon drum. Wafting from that drum was a delicious, smoky aroma that made Billy Joe’s mouth water. In front of the rusty old drum stood dozens of people, waiting patiently for their turn to get to the old man.

As Billy Joe took the last place in line, he learned that the old man had a recipe for smoked ribs that had no rival in all of Texas, some say the world. People would travel from all over just to get a taste of his incredible smoked ribs.
As it grew dark, Billy Joe finally made it to the drum. As they spoke, the man talked of his secret recipe and the fact that he wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to make his delicious ribs. He was in bad health and had terrible arthritis. Since he had no family or real home, he worried that his recipe would die when he did.

Although he was a bit of a drifter, Billy Joe had big dreams, so he offered to help the man prepare his ribs every day for free, in exchange for the recipe. All he asked is that when the man died, the recipe would be passed on to him forever.

The old man agreed and started to tutor Billy Joe as if he knew the end was near. He shared his secret recipe and how his special smoking process created a pink ring on the meat — what he called “the pink ring of perfection.”

Once the old man was certain Billy Joe had mastered the process, he passed away. On the day he died, Billy Joe gave the old man his word that he would share his recipe with as many people as he possibly could.

Within weeks Billy Joe added a second drum, then a third and a fourth. Since he had promised the old man that he would share this deliciousness on a grand scale, he decided to move to New York — where he could share it with the largest number of people.

This restaurant exists today because of a special bond between an old man and a goat named Billy Joe. Prepare yourself for a meal like no other, born from a homemade recipe that has never been duplicated.

Come and get it!

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